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"What you bring is the measure of what you get..."

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--- THE SIXTY-FOUR HEXAGRAMS --------------------------------------------------

1 - CH'IEN / CREATIVITY (CH'IEN: Heaven, active - CH'IEN: Heaven, active)

-----  DECISION: Sublime success in firm correctness.
-----  IMAGE: Heaven's powerful movement. The superior one forever strives.
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Hidden dragon. Inaction. (2nd=9) Dragon appears in the
-----  field. Advantage to see the great one. (3rd=9) All day, the superior one
       acts creatively. At dusk the mind is still restless. Peril yet no error.
       (4th=9) Dragon flies uncertainly over the deep. No error. (5th=9) Flying
       dragon. Advantage to see the great one. (Top=9) Arrogant dragon will
Top    need to repent. (All=9) Flying headless dragons. Good fortune.

2 - K'UN / RECEPTIVENESS (K'UN: Earth, receptive - K'UN: Earth, receptive)

-- --  DECISION: Supreme success in the firm correctness of a mare. The
-- --  superior one trying to lead goes astray, but in following, finds
-- --  guidance. Friends are in the west and south, not in the east and north.
-- --  Good fortune in quiet persistence.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: The receptive nature of the earth. The superior one builds
       virtues to endure all things.
       LINES: (1st=6) With hoarfrost underfoot, solid ice is near. (2nd=6)
       Straight, square, great. Effortless advantage. (3rd=6) If serving the
       ruler, bring to completion, seeking no praise. (4th=6) A tied sack. No
       blame, no praise. (5th=6) Yellow undergarment. Supreme good fortune.
       (Top=6) Dragons fight in the wilderness. Their blood is blue and yellow.
Top    (All=6) Advantage in firm correctness.

3 - CHUN / INITIAL DIFFICULTY (K'AN: Water, dangerous - CHEN: Thunder, arousing)

-- --  DECISION: Great success in firm correctness. Act only when progress is
-----  possible. Seek helpers.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Clouds and thunder. The superior one brings order to matters.
-- --  
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Hesitation. Be firm and correct. Seek helpers. (2nd=6)
       Wagon loses its horse. A suitor arrives, not a robber. Offer chastely
       declined. In ten years they will marry. (3rd=6) Whoever hunts deer
       without a forester only gets lost. The superior one seeing the signs,
       desists. To go on brings regret. (4th=6) Wagon loses its horse. She
       seeks a suitor's help. Advantage in every move. (5th=9) Difficulty in
       giving favours. Persist firmly only in small matters. (Top=6) Wagon
Top    loses its horse, blood and tears flow.

4 - MENG / INEXPERIENCE (KEN: Mountain, still - K'AN: Water, dangerous)

-----  DECISION: Success. I do not seek young folly, but it seeks me. The first
-- --  time, I offer guidance. But asking too often is irreverent, and I say
-- --  nothing. Advantage in firm correctness.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: A spring at the foot of a mountain. The superior one fosters
-- --  virtue with resolve.
       LINES: (1st=6) Punishment dispels ignorance and frees the mind. But too
       much or too little brings regret. (2nd=9) Good fortune to suffer fools.
       Likewise to take a wife. The son can support the family. (3rd=6) Do not
       marry a woman who cannot control herself when she sees a wealthy one. No
       advantage. (4th=6) Young folly brings regret. (5th=6) Innocent youth
       brings good fortune. (Top=9) Advantage only by keeping harm from the
Top    young fool.

5 - HSU / WAITING (K'AN: Water, dangerous - CH'IEN: Heaven, active)

-- --  DECISION: Sincerity brings brilliant success. Good fortune in firm
-----  correctness. Advantage to cross the great water.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: High clouds. The superior one likes to eat, drink and be merry.
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Waiting in the fields. Maintaining purpose. No error.
       (2nd=9) Waiting on the sand. There is gossip, but eventual good fortune.
       (3rd=9) Waiting in the mud. Inviting robbers. (4th=6) Waiting in blood.
       Coming out of the pit. (5th=9) Waiting before a feast. Good fortune in
       firm correctness. (Top=6) Falling into the pit. Three uninvited guests.
Top    If treated with respect, they bring good fortune.

6 - SUNG / CONFLICT (CH'IEN: Heaven, active - K'AN: Water, dangerous)

-----  DECISION: Though sincere, you are obstructed. Acting cautiously brings
-----  good fortune. Persistence brings misfortune. Advantage to see the great
-----  one, but not to cross the great water.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Heaven and water go their opposite ways. The superior one
-- --  carefully considers the first move before commencing any venture.
       LINES: (1st=6) Not proceeding. There is gossip. Good fortune in the end.
       (2nd=9) Retreating to one's home town of 300 families. Free from
       incident. (3rd=6) Living by old virtues brings firm correctness. Peril,
       but eventual good fortune. If serving the ruler, seek no praise. (4th=9)
       Retreating to study the Way. A change of mind staying firmly correct.
       Good fortune. (5th=9) Conflict brings good fortune. (Top=9) The ruler
Top    awards a leather belt, yet before noon, it is taken three times.

7 - SHIH / THE ARMY (K'UN: Earth, receptive - K'AN: Water, dangerous)

-- --  DECISION: Firm correctness. A seasoned leader: good fortune, no blame.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Underground water. The superior one gathers an army by kindness.
-- --  
-----  LINES: (1st=6) The army marches with discipline. Without this, disaster.
-- --  (2nd=9) Amidst the army, its leader. Good fortune, no blame. The ruler
       bestows honour three times. (3rd=6) A badly led army meets with evil.
       (4th=6) The army retreats. No error. (5th=6) There is game in the field.
       Seize it without blame. While the elder son leads, and the younger is
       fit only to carry corpses, misfortune. (Top=6) The great ruler appoints
Top    heads of states and of families. Low people should not be used.

8 - PI / ASSOCIATION (K'AN: Water, dangerous - K'UN: Earth, receptive)

-- --  DECISION: Good fortune. Consult the oracle once again. If you are
-----  virtuous, correct and firm, there will be no error. Those who are
-- --  troubled will join you, latecomers meeting misfortune.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Water on the earth. Rulers of old set up states, maintaining good
-- --  relations with their feudal chiefs.
       LINES: (1st=6) Sincere associations. No error. With a true heart, like
       water in a jug, good fortune. (2nd=6) Unity from the heart. Good fortune
       in firm correctness. (3rd=6) Association with the wrong people. (4th=6)
       Association with an outsider. Good fortune in firm correctness. (5th=9)
       Great unity. The ruler hunts on three sides only, allowing game to
       escape at the front. The people unprepared. Good fortune. (Top=6) No
Top    initiative in seeking unity. Misfortune.

9 - HSIAO CH'U / MILD RESTRAINT (SUN: Wind, gentle - CH'IEN: Heaven, active)

-----  DECISION: Success. Dense clouds, no rain from the western borders.
-- --  IMAGE: Wind in the sky. The superior one seeks to beautify virtue.
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Returning to the Way. What error? Good fortune. (2nd=9)
-----  Returning to the Way by persuasion. (3rd=9) The spokes are gone from the
       wagon wheel. Man and wife are not in harmony. (4th=6) Inner sincerity
       averts bloodshed and fear goes. No error. (5th=9) Inner sincerity draws
       others near, enriched by neighbours. (Top=9) Rain comes. Virtue grows. A
       firm and persistent woman meets peril. The moon is nearly full. The
Top    superior one will meet evil in persistence.

10 - LU / TREADING (CH'IEN: Heaven, active - TUI: Lake, joyful)

-----  DECISION: Treading on a tiger's tail. It does not bite. Success.
-----  IMAGE: Heaven above the lake. The superior one, discriminating between
-- --  high and low, calms the people.
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Progress along the proper Way without error. (2nd=9) A
       smooth, easy Way. The firm correctness of a hermit. Good fortune.
       (3rd=6) A one-eyed man can see. A lame man can walk. Treading on a
       tiger's tail, he gets bitten. Misfortune. A daring one serves a great
       ruler. (4th=9) Treading on the tiger's tail with caution and
       apprehension. Eventual good fortune. (5th=9) Treading with firm
       correctness and resolve. Peril. (Top=9) Examine the steps you take,
Top    looking for signs. Supreme good fortune if all is in order.

11 - T'AI / PEACE (K'UN: Earth, receptive - CH'IEN: Heaven, active)

-- --  DECISION: The small goes, the great comes. Good fortune and prosperity.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Heaven and earth united. The ruler comprehending their courses,
-----  helps regulate their gifts, benefitting the people.
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Pulling up grass, other stalks come with it. Ventures
       bring good fortune. (2nd=9) Tolerant of others, willing to swim rivers,
       mindful of what is distant, fair with friends. The Middle Way. (3rd=9)
       No plain not turning to slope. No going without return. Resolve in peril
       is without error. Not sad at certain change. Sincerity brings happiness.
       (4th=6) A fluttering bird, riches ignored, calls on its neighbours.
       Sincere. (5th=6) The ruler's daughter given in marriage. Happiness and
       supreme good fortune. (Top=6) The city wall falls into the moat. Use no
Top    armed force. Warn the people. Persistence brings regret.

12 - P'I / STAGNATION (CH'IEN: Heaven, active - K'UN: Earth, receptive)

-----  DECISION: Bad people do not further the firm and correct Path of the
-----  superior one. The great go out. The small come in.
-- --  IMAGE: Heaven and earth in disunion. The superior one is frugal to avoid
-- --  hardship. Not tempted by wealth or glory.
-- --  
       LINES: (1st=6) Pulling up grass, other stalks come with it. Firm
       correctness brings good fortune and success. (2nd=6) Patience and
       endurance. Good fortune for low people. Success for the great one.
       (3rd=6) Enduring shame. (4th=9) Acting at the command of Heaven without
       blame. Friends will share the happiness. (5th=9) Stagnation ends. Good
       fortune for the great one, who exclaims: What if it fail, what if it
       fail? Let it be tied to the mulberry trees. (Top=9) Stagnation ends.
Top    First stagnation, then good fortune.

13 - T'UNG JEN / FELLOWSHIP (CH'IEN: Heaven, active - LI: Fire, clinging)

-----  DECISION: In the open. Success. Advantage to cross the great water.
-----  Advantage in the firm correctness of the superior one.
-----  IMAGE: Heaven with fire. The superior one distinguishes between things.
-- --  
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Comrades at the gate. No blame. (2nd=6) Comrades among
       the clan. Regret. (3rd=9) He hides weapons in the bushes, climbs a hill,
       For three years he makes no attack. (4th=9) He climbs the city wall. He
       Does not attack. Good fortune. (5th=9) Comrades weep and then laugh.
Top    They gain victory and unite. (Top=9) Comrades in the field. No regret.

14 - TA YU / WEALTH (LI: Fire, clinging - CH'IEN: Heaven, active)

-----  DECISION: Prosperity and success.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Fire in heaven. The superior one fights evil and exalts good,
-----  according to heavenly virtue.
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Regret comes from lack of comrades, not from error.
       Fortitude avoids error. (2nd=9) A big wagon. Any direction. No Error.
       (3rd=9) A chief's gift. A petty man is unequal to this. (4th=9) Using
       resources with restraint. No Error. (5th=6) Others show equal sincerity.
       Dignity brings good fortune. (Top=9) Blessed by heaven. Good fortune in
Top    all things.

15 - CH'IEN / MODESTY (K'UN: Earth, receptive - KEN: Mountain, still)

-- --  DECISION: Success. The superior one cultivates modesty. Good fortune.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Underground mountain. The superior one balances excess and need.
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) The superior one augments modesty. Crossing the great
-- --  water brings good fortune. (2nd=6) Modesty revealed. Firm correctness
       brings good fortune. (3rd=9) The superior one, modesty known, enjoys
       continued success. Good fortune. (4th=6) Advantage in all ventures.
       Modesty sways action. (5th=6) Humbly employing neighbours. Favourable to
       use force. Advantage. (Top=6) Modesty known. Favourable to use armies to
Top    punish the towns.

16 - YU / ENTHUSIASM (CHEN: Thunder, arousing - K'UN: Earth, receptive)

-- --  DECISION: Advantage to install chiefs and to set armies marching.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Thunder crashing from the earth. Rulers of old made music and
-- --  exalted virtue, offering them to Heaven. Their ancestors present.
-- --  
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) Satisfaction publicly expressed. Misfortune. (2nd=6) Firm
       as a rock. A decision before nightfall. Resolve brings good fortune.
       (3rd=6) Self-satisfied, aiming high. Hesitation. Regret. (4th=9) The
       source of enthusiasm brings great success. Doubt not, and friends will
       gather as hair in a clasp. (5th=6) Persistently ill, yet not dying.
Top    (Top=6) The pleasure seeker should change course to avoid regret.

17 - SUI / FOLLOWING (TUI: Lake, joyful - CHEN: Thunder, arousing)

-- --  DECISION: Prosperity. Advantage in firm correctness. No error.
-----  IMAGE: Thunder below the lake. The superior one rests indoors at dusk.
-- --  
-- --  LINES: (1st=9) Changing course. Good fortune in firm correctness. Going
-----  outdoors to seek company brings merit. (2nd=6) Choose the young person,
       lose the mature. (3rd=6) Choose the mature person, lose the young. Find
       what you seek. Stay firm and correct. (4th=9) A following gains reward,
       but persistence brings evil. With sincerity, how is there error? (5th=9)
       Sincerity in the good. Good fortune. (Top=6) Sincerity gets loyalty. The
Top    ruler offers sacrifices on the western mountain.

18 - KU / DECAY (KEN: Mountain, still - SUN: Wind, gentle)

-----  DECISION: Progress and success. Advantage to cross the great water.
-- --  Deliberate three days before, and three days after.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Wind below the mountain. The superior one stirs people's virtue.
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) Setting right the father's errors. If the child is
       capable, the father will escape blame. Peril, but eventual good fortune.
       (2nd=9) Setting right the mother's errors. Not too persistently. (3rd=9)
       Setting right the father's errors. Small regret. No great error. (4th=6)
       Compounding the father's errors. Persistence brings regret. (5th=6)
       Setting right the father's errors. Gains praise. (Top=9) Serving neither
Top    ruler nor chief, setting one's own high goals.

19 - LIN / ADVANCE (K'UN: Earth, receptive - TUI: Lake, joyful)

-- --  DECISION: Prosperity. Firm correctness brings advantage. In the eighth
-- --  month, evil.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Earth above the lake. The superior one tirelessly teaches and
-----  protects the people.
       LINES: (1st=9) Advancing with another. Firm correctness brings good
       fortune. (2nd=9) Advancing with another. Good fortune. No disadvantage
       (3rd=6) Happy advance, but no gain. Anxiety brings no error. (4th=6)
       Correct descent. No error. (5th=6) Wise advance, as befits a great
Top    ruler. Good fortune. (Top=6) Generous advance. Good fortune. No error.

20 - KUAN / CONTEMPLATION (SUN: Wind, gentle - K'UN: Earth, receptive)

-----  DECISION: Washed but offering not yet made. Sincerity brings sincerity.
-- --  IMAGE: Wind across the earth. Rulers of old visited the regions,
-- --  observing the people, to plan their instruction.
-- --  
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) Childish views. In the low, no blame. In the superior
       one, regret. (2nd=6) Peeping from behind a door. Advantageous in a
       woman. (3rd=6) Self-contemplation. Whether to advance or retreat.
       (4th=6) Contemplating the country's glory. Advantage as the ruler's
       guest. (5th=9) Self-contemplation. The superior one has no regret.
Top    (Top=9) Self-contemplation from above. The superior one has no regret.

21 - SHIH HO / BITING THROUGH (LI: Fire, clinging - CHEN: Thunder, arousing)

-----  DECISION: Success. Advantage in the law courts.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Thunder and lightning. Rulers of old defined laws and penalties.
-- --  
-- --  LINES: (1st=9) Feet in the stocks, toes hidden. No error. (2nd=6) Biting
-----  through skin until the nose is bitten off. No error. (3rd=6) Chewing old
       dry meat, reaching poison. Mild regret. No error. (4th=9) Gnawing at a
       bone's dried meat, a verdict must be reached. Advantage in strength and
       firm correctness. Good fortune. (5th=6) Gnawing at a bone's dried meat,
       a difficult verdict must be reached. Peril. If firm and correct, no
Top    error. (Top=9) Wearing a wooden yoke, hiding the ears. Regret.

22 - PI / GRACE (KEN: Mountain, still - LI: Fire, clinging)

-----  DECISION: Success in small matters.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Fire under the mountain. The superior one is audacious in daily
-----  affairs, cautious in legal matters.
-- --  
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Dressing the feet, leaving the carriage, and walking.
       (2nd=6) Dressing the hair. (3rd=9) Dressed up and glistening. Firm
       correctness brings good fortune. (4th=6) Dressed in white, as a winged
       white horse. Not a robber, but a suitor. (5th=6) Walking in hills and
       gardens, dressed in coarse cloth. A small gift, but eventual good
Top    fortune. (Top=9) Plain white clothes. No error.

23 - PO / DIVISION (KEN: Mountain, still - K'UN: Earth, receptive)

-----  DECISION: No advantage in any move.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Mountain on the earth. Those above strengthen those below,
-- --  building stable foundations.
-- --  
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) Taking the legs off the bed. Misfortune. (2nd=6) Taking
       the sides off the bed. Misfortune. (3rd=6) Meeting the destructive
       process. Yet without error. (4th=6) Taking the mattress from the bed.
       Evil. (5th=6) Courtesans follow their leader, like a shoal of fish,
       seeking favour. No disadvantage. (Top=9) A large fruit yet uneaten. The
Top    superior one gets a carriage. The mean topple their houses.

24 - FU / RETURNING (K'UN: Earth, receptive - CHEN: Thunder, arousing)

-- --  DECISION: Success. Coming or going without harm. Friends come without
-- --  regret. The Way repeats itself on the seventh day. Any direction gains.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Thunder within the earth. Rulers of old closed the passes on the
-- --  winter solstice. Merchants and travellers would break their journeys.
-----  The ruler did not visit the regions.
       LINES: (1st=9) Early return. No regret. Great fortune. (2nd=6) Happy
       return. Good fortune. (3rd=6) Repeated return. Though peril, no blame.
       (4th=6) Going with others, returning alone. (5th=6) Sincere return. No
       regret. (Top=6) Confused return. Evil, even disaster. If armies are
Top    sent, defeat. The ruler cannot conquer even in ten years.

25 - WU WANG / INNOCENCE (CH'IEN: Heaven, active - CHEN: Thunder, arousing)

-----  DECISION: Prosperity. Advantage in firmness. Incorrectness leads to
-----  disadvantage and error in any direction.
-- --  IMAGE: Thunder under heaven. All things acting by their true nature,
-- --  without error. Rulers of old, in accordance with the seasons, nourished
-----  all things.
       LINES: (1st=9) Sincerity. Advance brings good fortune. (2nd=6) With no
       thought of harvest or fertility, ploughing and cultivating. Advantage in
       any direction. (3rd=6) Undeserved calamity. The tethered cow stolen. The
       people's loss. (4th=9) Remaining firm and correct. No error. (5th=9)
       Undeserved illness. Take no medicine and rejoice. (Top=9) Though
Top    sincere, any advance leads to error.

26 - TA CH'U / STRONG RESTRAINT (KEN: Mountain, still - CH'IEN: Heaven, active)

-----  DECISION: Advantage in firm correctness. Not eating at home brings good
-- --  fortune. Advantage to cross the great water.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Heaven within the mountain. The superior one learns the ancient
-----  words and deeds, increasing virtue.
       LINES: (1st=9) Peril. Advance no further. (2nd=9) The axle has fallen
       from the wagon. (3rd=9) Horses chase each other. Strong resolve brings
       progress. Daily practice of self-defence and chariot driving. Proceeding
       with plans brings advantage. (4th=6) A young bull wears a headboard.
       Great good fortune. (5th=6) Tusks of a gelded boar. Good fortune.
Top    (Top=9) Attaining the Way of Heaven. Prosperity.

27 - I / NOURISHMENT (KEN: Mountain, still - CHEN: Thunder, arousing)

-----  DECISION: Good fortune in firm correctness. Consider how the people seek
-- --  their own nourishment.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Thunder below the mountain. The superior one watches words, and
-- --  regulates eating and drinking.
       LINES: (1st=9) Releasing your magic tortoise, you look at me, slack
       jawed. Misfortune. (2nd=6) Seeking food from those below or above.
       Misfortune to persist. (3rd=6) Incorrect nourishment. For ten years, no
       advantage in any direction. (4th=6) Seeking food from those below. Good
       fortune. Staring, unblinking as a tiger. No error. (5th=6) Abnormal
       action. Remaining firm brings good fortune. Do not cross the great
       water. (Top=9) The source of nourishment. Sensing peril brings good
Top    fortune. Advantage to cross the great water.

28 - TA KUO / EXCESS (TUI: Lake, joyful - SUN: Wind, gentle)

-- --  DECISION: The beam sags to breaking point. Advantage in any direction.
-----  Success.
-----  IMAGE: Trees below the lake. The superior one stands alone without fear,
-----  retires from the world without regret.
-- --  
       LINES: (1st=6) White rush mats spread out. No error. (2nd=9) An old
       willow sprouts green shoots. An old man takes a young wife. Advantage in
       any direction. (3rd=9) The beam sags to breaking point. Misfortune.
       (4th=9) The beam is strong, but regret in reliance on weak support. Good
       fortune. (5th=9) An old willows flowers. An old woman takes a husband.
       No blame, no praise. (Top=6) Fording the stream, water covers the head.
Top    Misfortune. No blame.

29 - K'AN / THE DEEP (K'AN: Water, dangerous - K'AN: Water, dangerous)

-- --  DECISION: Perilous chasm. Calm sincerity brings success.
-- --  IMAGE: Flowing water. The superior one practises virtuous conduct and
-- --  teaches others.
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) In the chasm, falling into a pit. Misfortune. (2nd=9)
       Perilous chasm. Advantage only in small things. (3rd=6) Inward and
       outward peril. In the chasm, falling into a pit. Do not act. (4th=6) Jar
       of wine, bowl of rice and earthen pots. Simply offered through the
       window. Eventually no error. (5th=9) Chasm not full. No error. (Top=6)
Top    Tied up in a thorny thicket for three years. Misfortune.

30 - LI / BRILLIANCE (LI: Fire, clinging - LI: Fire, clinging)

-----  DECISION: Success in firm correctness. Good fortune in rearing cows.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Brilliance repeated. The great one brightens virtue, illuminating
-----  the four quarters of the world.
-- --  
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Confused steps. Reverence brings no error. (2nd=6) Yellow
       light. Great good fortune. (3rd=9) In the setting sun, they beat pots
       and sing, or bemoan the onset of old age. Misfortune. (4th=9) It comes
       suddenly. It flares up, dies down, is discarded. (5th=6) Floods of tears
       and groans. Good fortune. (Top=9) The ruler's army is sent to punish the
Top    rebellion. To crush the leaders, sparing their followers. No Error.

31 - HSIEN / MUTUAL INFLUENCE (TUI: Lake, joyful - KEN: Mountain, still)

-- --  DECISION: Firm correctness furthers. Good fortune to take a young bride.
-----  IMAGE: Lake on the mountain. The superior one receives others with
-----  humility.
-- --  
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) Toes wriggling. (2nd=6) Flexing the calf muscles. Peril.
       Refrain brings good fortune. (3rd=9) Thighs move. Clutching at those who
       follow. Regret. (4th=9) Good fortune in firm correctness without regret.
       Hesitation, but friends follow. (5th=9) Moving the neck. No Regret.
Top    (Top=6) Moving the tongue and jaws.

32 - HENG / DURATION (CHEN: Thunder, arousing - SUN: Wind, gentle)

-- --  DECISION: Success. No regret. Advantage in firm and correct plans.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Thunder and wind. The superior one stands firm and unchanging.
-----  LINES: (1st=6) Seeking endurance. Persistence brings regret. (2nd=9)
-- --  Remorse disappears. (3rd=9) Unsteady virtue. Persistence brings regret.
       (4th=9) A field with no game. (5th=6) Chastity and steady virtue. Good
Top    fortune in women, evil in men. (Top=6) Misfortune in trying too much.

33 - TUN / WITHDRAWAL (CH'IEN: Heaven, active - KEN: Mountain, still)

-----  DECISION: Success. Advantage to persist in small matters.
-----  IMAGE: Mountain under heaven. The superior one keeps distant from the
-----  inferior, with calm reserve.
-- --  
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) Withdrawn to the tail. Peril. Do not advance. (2nd=6)
       Holding fast to purpose, as bound to it by thongs of yellow oxhide.
       (3rd=9) Withdrawn as if tied to a post. Worry and peril. Advantage in
       caring for servants. (4th=9) Glad withdrawal brings good fortune to the
       superior one, not to the inferior. (5th=9) Graceful withdrawal. Good
Top    fortune in firm correctness. (Top=9) Affluent withdrawal. Advantage.

34 - TA CHUANG / STRENGTH (CHEN: Thunder, arousing - CH'IEN: Heaven, active)

-- --  DECISION: Advantage in firm correctness.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Thunder in heaven. The superior one takes no improper step.
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Strong toes. Persistence brings misfortune. (2nd=9) Good
-----  fortune in firm correctness. (3rd=9) The mean use strong force, the
       superior one does not. Persistence brings regret. A goat butts a fence,
       getting its horns tangled. (4th=9) Good fortune in firm correctness,
       regret disappears. The goat's horns are freed. Strong as the axle of a
       big wagon. (5th=6) The goat strays. No regret. (Top=6) A goat butts a
Top    fence, getting stuck. No advantage. Good fortune in strength.

35 - CHIN / PROGRESS (LI: Fire, clinging - K'UN: Earth, receptive)

-----  DECISION: The chief, honoured with many horses, received by the ruler,
-- --  three times in one day.
-- --  IMAGE: Sun over the earth. The superior one brightens virtue.
-- --  
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) Frustrated progress. Good fortune in firm correctness.
       Virtue not yet recognised, openness avoids error. (2nd=6) Sorrowful
       progress. Good fortune in firm correctness. A grandmother's favour.
       (3rd=6) Trusted. No regret. (4th=9) Progress like a rodent. Persistence
       brings peril. (5th=6) Regret disappears. No concern with loss or gain.
       Advantage. (Top=9) Advancing with horns to punish the rebels. Sensing
Top    peril brings good fortune and no blame. Persistence brings regret.

36 - MING I / DIMMED LIGHT (K'UN: Earth, receptive - LI: Fire, clinging)

-- --  DECISION: In adversity, advantage in firm correctness.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: The light sunk into the earth. The superior one's hidden wisdom.
-- --  LINES: (1st=9) Lowered wings as the light dims. Determined to follow the
-----  Way, fasting for three days. Derided. (2nd=6) Wounded in the left thigh,
       meeting good fortune in a strong horse. (3rd=9) Hunting in the south,
       the enemy leader is captured. Do not act too soon. (4th=6) Penetrating
       the left belly, finding the heart of the darkness, and exiting through
       the courtyard. (5th=6) As with Prince Chi, advantage in firm
       correctness. (Top=6) Not light, but dark. Ascending to heaven, then
Top    falling to earth.

37 - CHIA JEN / THE FAMILY (SUN: Wind, gentle - LI: Fire, clinging)

-----  DECISION: Advantage in the firm correctness of a woman.
-- --  IMAGE: Wind from fire. The superior one's speech is true, actions
-----  consistent.
-- --  
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Regulation within the family. No Regret. (2nd=6) She
       selflessly prepares the family's food. Good fortune in firm correctness.
       (3rd=9) Sternness within the family. Regret and sensing peril, bring
       good fortune. Frivolity of wife and children brings regret. (4th=6) She
       enriches the family. Great good fortune. (5th=9) The ruler's influence
       in shaping the family. Do not worry. Good fortune. (Top=9) Virtuous as a
Top    ruler. Eventual good fortune.

38 - K'UEI / OPPOSITION (LI: Fire, clinging - TUI: Lake, joyful)

-----  DECISION: Good fortune in small matters.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Fire above the lake. The superior one retains individuality.
-- --  
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Regret disappears. Do not chase a lost horse. It will
-----  return of its own accord. Among bad men, no error. (2nd=9) Meeting one's
       master in a lane. No error. (3rd=6) A wagon pulled back, its oxen tied
       up. Hair and nose cut off. Not a good beginning, but a good end. (4th=9)
       Alienated, a sincere ally is found. Peril, but no error. (5th=6) Regret
       disappears. So close, they seem to bite each other. How can going
       forward be an error? (Top=9) Alienated, seeing a dirty pig, and a wagon
       full of demons. Bow and arrow raised, then lowered. This is not a
Top    robber, but kin. Forward in gentle rain. Good fortune.

39 - CHIEN / OBSTRUCTION (K'AN: Water, dangerous - KEN: Mountain, still)

-- --  DECISION: Advantage in the southwest, not in the northeast. Advantage to
-----  see the great one. Good fortune in firm correctness.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Water on the mountain. The superior one in self-examination,
-- --  nurturing virtue.
-- --  
       LINES: (1st=6) Going meets obstruction. Returning brings praise. (2nd=6)
       The ruler's minister suffers many obstructions, without thought of
       personal gain. (3rd=9) Going meets obstruction. Return. (4th=6) Going
       meets obstruction. Return. (5th=9) Going meets obstruction. Friends
       come. (Top=6) Going meets obstruction. Return brings good fortune.
Top    Advantage to see the great one.

40 - HSIEH / ESCAPE (CHEN: Thunder, arousing - K'AN: Water, dangerous)

-- --  DECISION: Advantage in the southwest. If no tasks remain, good fortune
-- --  in returning. If tasks remain, good fortune in urgency.
-- --  IMAGE: Thunder and rain. The superior one pardons mistakes.
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) No Error. (2nd=9) Catching three foxes and receiving a
       yellow arrow. Good fortune in firm correctness. (3rd=6) Carrying a load,
       yet riding in a carriage. Inviting robbers. Persistence brings regret.
       (4th=9) Massage your toes. Sincere friends will come. (5th=6) The
       superior one seeks escape. Good fortune. Low people notice sincerity.
Top    (Top=6) The chief shoots a hawk on a high wall. Advantage.

41 - SUN / DECREASE (KEN: Mountain, still - TUI: Lake, joyful)

-----  DECISION: Decreasing the excess with sincerity, good fortune. No error.
-- --  Firm correctness in advancing. Offer two baskets of food in sacrifice.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Lake below the mountain. The superior one controls anger and
-----  desires.
       LINES: (1st=9) Stopping work and hurrying away. No error, but consider
       the decreased wealth. (2nd=9) Advantage in firm correctness. New
       ventures bring misfortune. Increase others without decreasing oneself.
       (3rd=6) Three walk together. One must leave, and finds a friend. (4th=6)
       Decreasing one's faults, friends are happy to help. No error. (5th=6) A
       gift of ten tortoise shells, with no refusal. Great good fortune.
       (Top=9) Gain without loss to others. No error. Good fortune in firm
Top    correctness. Advantage in somewhere to go. Help received benefits all.

42 - I / INCREASE (SUN: Wind, gentle - CHEN: Thunder, arousing)

-----  DECISION: Advantage in undertakings, and to cross the great water.
-- --  IMAGE: Wind and thunder. The superior one sees good and turns towards
-- --  it. Seeing bad, turns away from it.
-- --  
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Advantage in great undertakings. Great good fortune. No
       error. (2nd=6) A gift of ten tortoise shells, with no refusal. Good
       fortune in firm correctness. The ruler makes lavish offerings to Heaven.
       Good fortune. (3rd=6) Enriched by unfortunate circumstance. No error.
       Sincerely walking the Middle Way, as one wearing the jade emblem of
       rank. (4th=6) Following the Middle Way, entrusted with such important
       tasks as moving the capital. (5th=9) With sincere heart, helping all
       below. Supreme good fortune. Such virtue acknowledged. (Top=9) Attacked
Top    for enriching no one. Following no steady way. Misfortune.

43 - KUAI / BREAKTHROUGH (TUI: Lake, joyful - CH'IEN: Heaven, active)

-- --  DECISION: Exposing evil at the ruler's court, with sincere appeal to
-----  remedy the peril. Warn the people not to use arms. Advantage to proceed.
-----  IMAGE: Lake rising to heaven. The superior one dispenses all wealth,
-----  keeping none unused.
       LINES: (1st=9) Advance with strong toes meets error. (2nd=9) Alarm
       sounded, arms in the night. No fear. (3rd=9) Advance with a determined
       look brings misfortune. The superior one is resolute, walks alone in the
       rain. Malicious gossip. No error. (4th=9) The thighs have no skin. No
       regret to be led like a lamb, but advice is ignored. (5th=9) Weeds must
       be uprooted with firm resolve. Walking the Middle Way without error.
Top    (Top=6) No one to call for help. Misfortune.

44 - KOU / MEETING (CH'IEN: Heaven, active - SUN: Wind, gentle)

-----  DECISION: A strong maiden appears. Best not to marry her.
-----  IMAGE: Wind under heaven. The ruler's decrees made known to the people.
-----  LINES: (1st=6) Apply a metal brake. Good fortune in firm correctness,
-- --  while advance brings misfortune. A lean pig leaps about. (2nd=9) Fish
       are in the bag. No blame. They are not for the guests. (3rd=9) The
       thighs have no skin. Peril, but no error. (4th=9) No fish in the bag.
       Misfortune. (5th=9) Leaves hide the melon. It drops down as from heaven.
Top    (Top=9) Meeting in a horny place. Regret, but no blame.

45 - TS'UI / ASSEMBLY (TUI: Lake, joyful - K'UN: Earth, receptive)

-- --  DECISION: Success. The ruler goes to the ancestral temple. Advantage to
-----  see the great one, in firm correctness, and to proceed. Offering great
-----  sacrifices brings good fortune.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Lake above the earth. The superior one keeps weapons sharp, ready
-- --  for the unforeseen.
       LINES: (1st=6) Sincere desire for unity confuses those around. Cry out,
       and smiles will return. No Regret. Proceed with no error. (2nd=6) Being
       led brings good fortune and no error. With sincerity, advantage in even
       a small offering at spring worship. (3rd=6) Seeking unity without error,
       but with small regret. (4th=9) Great good fortune, and no blame. (5th=9)
       Promoting unity. No error. Persistent virtuous conduct brings eventual
Top    trust. (Top=6) Sighing and weeping. No error.

46 - SHENG / RISING (K'UN: Earth, receptive - SUN: Wind, gentle)

-- --  DECISION: Prosperity. See the great one without worry. Good fortune in
-- --  going south.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Trees growing from the earth. The superior one cultivates virtue,
-----  accumulating the small, to achieve the high and great.
-- --  
       LINES: (1st=6) Rising to the welcome of those above. Great good fortune.
       (2nd=9) Sincerity makes even a small spring offering acceptable. No
       error. (3rd=9) Rising into an empty city. (4th=6) Making the ruler's
       offerings on Mount Chi. Good fortune. No error. (5th=6) Good fortune in
       firm correctness. Rising step by step. (Top=6) Blindly rising. Advantage
Top    in tireless firm correctness.

47 - K'UN / EXHAUSTION (TUI: Lake, joyful - K'AN: Water, dangerous)

-- --  DECISION: Success. Good fortune for the great one with firm correctness.
-----  No error. Speeches will not impress.
-- --  IMAGE: No water in the lake. The superior one's life is the Way.
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) Tangled in a barren tree. Into a dark valley, seeing no
       light for three years. (2nd=9) Troubled by food and drink, red official
       robes approach. Advantage to offer sacrifices. Misfortune in action. No
       error. (3rd=6) Overhanging rocks with only thorns to grasp. Coming home,
       spouse not there. Misfortune. (4th=9) Proceeding slowly, halted by a
       golden carriage. Regret, but a good ending. (5th=9) With nose and feet
       cut off, yet with a serene look, hindered by an official with purple
       knee bands. Advantage to make offerings. (Top=6) Bound by creeping
       vines, moving unsteadily saying: this will bring regret. Remorse opens
Top    the Way to good fortune.

48 - CHING / THE WELL (K'AN: Water, dangerous - SUN: Wind, gentle)

-- --  DECISION: The town may move, but the well cannot. Its level is constant,
-----  though they come to draw water. Misfortune if the rope be too short or
-- --  the jug broken.
-----  IMAGE: Water over wood. The superior one inspires the people to work and
-- --  help each other.
       LINES: (1st=6) An old muddy well with undrinkable water. No animals
       visit. (2nd=9) A hole in the well where water and fish escape. Water
       leaks from the cracked jug. (3rd=9) The well is clean, but sadly unused.
       With an enlightened ruler, the people would benefit. (4th=6) A well
       lined with bricks. No error. (5th=9) A well with cool clear drinking
       water. (Top=6) An open well, like the sincerity that brings good
Top    fortune.

49 - KO / REFORM (TUI: Lake, joyful - LI: Fire, clinging)

-- --  DECISION: Once achieved, reform is believed. Progress and success.
-----  Advantage in firm correctness. No regret.
-----  IMAGE: Fire in the lake. The superior one regulates the calendar and
-- --  defines the seasons.
       LINES: (1st=9) Bound by thongs of yellow oxhide. (2nd=6) Reform at the
       right time. Good fortune in new ventures. No error. (3rd=9) Misfortune
       in new ventures. Peril in Persistence. Discuss reform three times before
       acting. (4th=9) Regret disappears. Sincere reform brings good fortune.
       (5th=9) The great one reforms as a tiger changes its stripes. Believed,
       even before consulting the oracle. (Top=6) The superior one reforms as a
       leopard changes its spots, while the low change their faces. Misfortune
Top    in new ventures. Good fortune in firm correctness.

50 - TING / THE COOKING POT (LI: Fire, clinging - SUN: Wind, gentle)

-----  DECISION: Supreme good fortune. Success.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Fire over wood. The superior one attends to the Way of Heaven.
-----  LINES: (1st=6) A pot upturned to empty the decay. No error to take the
-- --  concubine for the son she bears. (2nd=9) A pot filled with food. My
       envious company cannot harm me. Good fortune. (3rd=9) A pot with no
       handles that cannot be moved. The fine pheasant meat is uneaten. Rain
       coming ends regret. Eventual good fortune. (4th=9) The pot's legs
       broken, the chief's meal spills. Regret and misfortune. (5th=6) A pot
       with yellow handles and golden rings. Advantage in firm correctness.
Top    (Top=9) The pot with jade rings. Great good fortune. No disadvantage.

51 - CHEN / THUNDER (CHEN: Thunder, arousing - CHEN: Thunder, arousing)

-- --  DECISION: Success. Crash of thunder. Horror, then excitement. Terrifying
-- --  for thirty miles, though steady hands carry the sacrificial wine.
-- --  IMAGE: Thunder repeated. The superior one fearfully works on virtue.
-- --  
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Crash of thunder. Horror, then excitement. Good fortune.
       (2nd=6) Thunder brings peril. Treasure abandoned to climb the high
       hills. No need to search for what is lost. After seven days it will be
       returned. (3rd=6) Thunder terrifies. Misfortune avoided if the shock
       stimulates action. (4th=9) Thunder absorbed by mud. (5th=6) Coming and
       going amid the thunder. Peril, with tasks to perform. (Top=6) Terrified
       gazes in the thunder. Misfortune in any venture. Caution when it reaches
Top    your neighbour. No error, but some gossip.

52 - KEN / STILLNESS (KEN: Mountain, still - KEN: Mountain, still)

-----  DECISION: Back still, unaware of the body. Noticing no one in the
-- --  courtyard. No blame.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Mountain upon mountain. The superior one dwells in the present.
-- --  
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) Toes still. No error. Advantage in firm correctness.
       (2nd=6) Resting calves and legs. Unable to help the one who leads.
       Unhappy heart. (3rd=9) Keeping the hips still, ribs showing. Peril. The
       heart burns. (4th=6) Body at rest. No error. (5th=6) Stilling the jaws,
       words have order. Regret disappears. (Top=9) Solemn stillness. Good
Top    fortune.

53 - CHIEN / GRADUAL PROGRESS (SUN: Wind, gentle - KEN: Mountain, still)

-----  DECISION: A maiden given in marriage. Good fortune. Advantage in firm
-----  correctness.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Tree on a mountain. The superior one by exemplary dignity and
-- --  virtue, guides the people.
-- --  
       LINES: (1st=6) The wild geese draw near the shore. Young one faces peril
       and gossip. No error. (2nd=6) The wild geese draw near the cliffs,
       eating and drinking in happy harmony. Good fortune. (3rd=9) The wild
       geese draw near to land. A man sets out, not to return. A woman bears a
       dead child. Misfortune. Advantage to resist robbers. (4th=6) The wild
       geese draw near the tree, seeking flat branches. No error. (5th=9) The
       wild geese reach the hill. The woman bears no child for three years,
       then gives birth. Good fortune. (Top=9) The wild geese reach the
Top    mountain. Their feathers can be used for ceremony. Good fortune.

54 - KUEI MEI / THE YOUNG BRIDE (CHEN: Thunder, arousing - TUI: Lake, joyful)

-- --  DECISION: Misfortune in any venture. No advantage.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Thunder over the lake. The superior one, while looking to the
-- --  future, attends to present mistakes.
-----  LINES: (1st=9) She marries as a secondary wife, lame but able to
       progress. Good fortune in any venture. (2nd=9) Blind in one eye yet able
       to see. Advantage in the resolve of a hermit. (3rd=6) She marries as a
       concubine. Returning home, she remarries as a secondary wife. (4th=9)
       Postponed marriage, happens at a later date. (5th=6) The Emperor I gave
       his daughter in marriage. Her dress less ornate than her attendant's.
       The moon, almost full, brings good fortune. (Top=6) Her basket is nearly
Top    empty. The slaughtered lamb is bloodless. No advantage.

55 - FENG / ABUNDANCE (CHEN: Thunder, arousing - LI: Fire, clinging)

-- --  DECISION: Prosperity. The ruler attaining abundance should not be sad,
-- --  but like the sun at midday.
-----  IMAGE: Thunder and lightning. The superior one decides lawsuits and
-- --  proper punishments.
       LINES: (1st=9) Two rulers meet for ten days. No regret. Advantage in a
       shared venture. (2nd=6) So many curtains, the pole star is visible at
       midday. Advancement arouses suspicion. Good fortune in sincere
       persistence. (3rd=9) The banner so large, a star is visible at midday.
       Broken right arm. No Error. (4th=9) So many curtains, the pole star is
       visible at midday. The two rulers meet. They are of like mind. Good
       fortune. (5th=6) Great ones arrive. Rejoicing and good fortune. (Top=6)
       The house is large with curtains and banners. Peeping through the door,
Top    the house is empty. For three years no one is seen. Misfortune.

56 - LU / THE WANDERER (LI: Fire, clinging - KEN: Mountain, still)

-----  DECISION: Success in small things. Firm correctness brings good fortune
-- --  to the wanderer.
-----  IMAGE: Fire on the mountain. The superior one uses cautious wisdom when
-- --  imposing penalties, ensuring no lawsuits drag on.
-- --  
       LINES: (1st=6) The mean wanderer, busy with trivial things, earns
       misfortune. (2nd=6) The wanderer stays at an inn, with some possessions
       and a trusted servant. (3rd=9) The inn burns down. The servant is lost.
       Peril. (4th=9) The wanderer is sheltering with an axe for protecting
       possessions. But no peace of mind. (5th=6) Shooting a pheasant, losing
       an arrow. Eventual praise and responsibility. (Top=9) A bird's nest on
Top    fire. First laughter, then weeping. An ox is lost. Misfortune.

57 - SUN / GENTLE PENETRATION (SUN: Wind, gentle - SUN: Wind, gentle)

-----  DECISION: Success in small things. Advantage in any direction, and to
-----  see the great one.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: One wind follows another. The superior one commands those below,
-----  and attends to affairs.
-- --  
       LINES: (1st=6) Advancing or retreating, advantage in the discipline of a
       warrior. (2nd=9) Cowering under the bed, priests and exorcists are
       called for. Good fortune. No Error. (3rd=9) Repeated penetration.
       Regret. (4th=6) Regret vanishes. When hunting, three kinds of game.
       (5th=9) Good fortune in firm correctness. Regret vanishes. No
       Disadvantage. Not a good beginning, but a good ending. Deliberation
       three days before and three days after brings good fortune. (Top=9)
Top    Cowering under the bed, protection lost. Misfortune in persistence.

58 - TUI / JOY (TUI: Lake, joyful - TUI: Lake, joyful)

-- --  DECISION: Success. Advantage in firm correctness.
-----  IMAGE: Two lakes together. The superior one with friends for discussion
-- --  and activities.
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Joy of harmony. Good fortune. (2nd=9) Joy in sincerity.
       Good fortune. Regret disappears. (3rd=6) Pleasure seeking. Misfortune.
       (4th=9) Choosing pleasures bring unrest. After nearly meeting harm, joy.
       (5th=9) Trusting an enemy. Peril. (Top=6) Joy in attracting others to
Top    pleasure.

59 - HUAN / DISPERSION (SUN: Wind, gentle - K'AN: Water, dangerous)

-----  DECISION: Prosperity. The ruler visits the temple. Advantage to cross
-----  the great water, and in firm correctness.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Wind over water. Rulers of old built temples and made offerings
-----  to Heaven.
-- --  
       LINES: (1st=6) Rescue with a strong horse. Good fortune. (2nd=9) An
       opportunity seized at the time of dispersion. Regret disappears. (3rd=6)
       Selfish thoughts dispelled. No regret. (4th=6) Dispersing those who have
       gathered around. Great good fortune. Ordinary people do not understand
       that dispersion brings renewed gathering. (5th=9) The ruler dispenses
       the royal granaries, body sweating. No error. (Top=9) Turning away from
Top    bloodshed, retiring to a distant land. No Error.

60 - CHIEH / LIMITATION (K'AN: Water, dangerous - TUI: Lake, joyful)

-- --  DECISION: Success. Do not persist with harsh rules.
-- --  IMAGE: Water over lake. The superior one creates number and measure,
-- --  debating virtue and correct conduct.
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Not leaving the courtyard. No error. (2nd=9) Not leaving
       the courtyard. Misfortune. (3rd=6) Ignoring the rules brings regret. No
       blame. (4th=6) Observing the rules brings success. (5th=9) Sweetly
       observing the rules brings good fortune. Going brings praise. (Top=6)
Top    Harsh rules bring misfortune. Regret disappears.

61 - CHUNG FU / INNER TRUTH (SUN: Wind, gentle - TUI: Lake, joyful)

-----  DECISION: Good fortune, even for pigs and fish. Advantage to cross the
-----  great water, and in firm correctness.
-- --  
-- --  IMAGE: Wind over lake. The superior one, slow to judge, delays
-----  execution.
       LINES: (1st=9) Good fortune in self-repose. Avoid distractions. (2nd=9)
       A crane in the shade, says to its young: I have good wine to share with
       you. (3rd=6) Meeting another. Now beating a drum, stopping, weeping,
       singing. (4th=6) The moon is nearly full. A team horse strays. No error.
       (5th=9) Sincerity bring followers. No error. (Top=9) A cock's crowing
Top    reaches heaven. Misfortune in persistence.

62 - HSIAO KUO / SMALL GAINS (CHEN: Thunder, arousing - KEN: Mountain, still)

-- --  DECISION: Advantage in firm correctness. Success in small things, not
-- --  great. Only when a bird flies low is its song heard. Great good fortune.
-----  IMAGE: Thunder over the mountain. The superior one shows extreme
-- --  humility in conduct, grief in mourning, and thrift in spending.
-- --  
       LINES: (1st=6) A bird flies high, meeting misfortune. (2nd=6) Passing a
       grandfather, meeting a grandmother. Not seeing the ruler, meeting a
       minister. No error. (3rd=9) Harm and misfortune without extra defences.
       (4th=9) No error. Meeting peril with caution. Do not persist with force.
       (5th=6) Dense clouds, no rain from the western borders. The chief shoots
       and hits a bird in the cave. (Top=6) Overreaching, a bird flying too
Top    high brings misfortune.

63 - CHI CHI / COMPLETION (K'AN: Water, dangerous - LI: Fire, clinging)

-- --  DECISION: Success in small matters. Advantage in firm correctness.
-----  Initial good fortune. Eventual confusion.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Water over fire. The superior one protects against misfortune.
-- --  
-----  LINES: (1st=9) Applying the brakes. A fox's tail gets wet in the stream.
       No error. (2nd=6) She loses the curtain on her carriage. No need to look
       for it. It will return on the seventh day. (3rd=9) Illustrious Ancestor
       conquered the barbarian after three year's campaigning. Low people not
       to be used. (4th=6) Seeking rags to plug leaks. Alert all day. (5th=9)
       The eastern neighbour slaughters an ox, while the western neighbour's
Top    small offering receives its blessing. (Top=6) Head under water. Peril.

64 - WEI CHI / BEFORE COMPLETION (LI: Fire, clinging - K'AN: Water, dangerous)

-----  DECISION: Success. A fox's tail gets wet in the stream. No advantage.
-- --  
-----  IMAGE: Fire over water. The superior one discriminates between things,
-- --  each in their proper place.
-- --  LINES: (1st=6) The fox's tail gets wet. Regret. (2nd=9) Applying the
       brakes. Good fortune in firm correctness. (3rd=6) Unfinished matters.
       Misfortune in persistence. Advantage to cross the great water. (4th=9)
       Good fortune in firm correctness. Regret disappears. Roused to punish
       the barbarian. In three years, great reward. (5th=6) Good fortune in
       firm correctness. No Regret. The light of inner sincerity. Good fortune.
       (Top=9) Drinking wine within one's limits. No blame. Excess wets the
Top    head. Sincerity compromised.

--- HOW TO CONSULT THE ORACLE USING THREE COINS -------------------------------

(See also the traditional yarrow and four coins methods below).

First, think of your question, phrasing it as best you can.

Toss THREE COINS, scoring 3 for a head (H), 2 for a tail (T). From the table
below, draw a line depending on the total. Toss the coins five more times,
drawing each new line above the last, giving a HEXAGRAM made from two TRIGRAMS.

 Total Line  Meaning     Coins       (Probability)

 6     - x - moving Yin  TTT         (1/8)
 7     ----- Yang        HTT+THT+TTH (3/8)
 8     -- -- Yin         HHT+HTH+THH (3/8)
 9     --o-- moving Yang HHH         (1/8)

Any moving lines in the resulting MAIN hexagram have special significance, with
explanations in the text. Also, a CHANGED hexagram should be drawn by
converting moving Yin lines to Yang, moving Yang lines to Yin, and leaving the
others unchanged. The changed hexagram offers clues to the future.

Use the following table to read off the number matching your hexagram(s), and
see the main text above for the meanings of the hexagrams and any moving lines.

 TRIGRAMS     -- -- ----- -- -- ----- -- -- ----- -- -- -----
 Above:       -- -- -- -- ----- ----- -- -- -- -- ----- -----
              -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ----- ----- ----- -----
 Below:       K'UN  KEN   K'AN  SUN   CHEN  LI    TUI  CH'IEN
 -- -- K'UN
 -- -- Earth  2     23    8     20    16    35    45    12
 -- --

 ----- KEN
 -- -- Mount  15    52    39    53    62    56    31    33
 -- -- -ain

 -- -- K'AN
 ----- Water  7     4     29    59    40    64    47    6
 -- --

 ----- SUN
 ----- Wind   46    18    48    57    32    50    28    44
 -- --

 -- -- CHEN
 -- -- Thund  24    27    3     42    51    21    17    25
 ----- -er

 ----- LI
 -- -- Fire   36    22    63    37    55    30    49    13

 -- -- TUI
 ----- Lake   19    41    60    61    54    38    58    10

 ----- CH'IEN
 ----- Heaven 11    26    5     9     34    14    43    1

EXAMPLE: 'Am I explaining this clearly...?'
I toss TTH=7, HHH=9, HHH=9, THT=7, HHT=8 and HHH=9, giving:

 --o-- as my main hexagram, and -- -- as my changed hexagram.
 -- --                          -- --
 ----- (trigram = LI)           ----- (trigram = CHEN)
 --o--                          -- --
 --o--                          -- --
 ----- (trigram = CH'IEN)       ----- (trigram = CHEN)

I search for '14' in the main text above and find TA YU / WEALTH. I read the
decision (success!), image, and explanations for the 2nd, 3rd and top lines,
seeing these as a progression. I then search for '51', find CHEN / THUNDER, and
glean the outcome from the judgement and image of that hexagram.


--- HOW TO GENERATE A HEXAGRAM USING YARROW STALKS ----------------------------

This method is quite an involved ritual that gets easier with practice.
Meditate on your question throughout...

1. Take 50 yarrow stalks (long match sticks will do), and put one aside which
   will be the unused 'observer'.
    /    /////////////////////////////////////////////////
2. DIVIDE those stalks not set aside INTO TWO BUNDLES, side by side.
    /    ///////////////////////////     //////////////////////
3. Take ONE STALK FROM THE RIGHT hand bundle, and put this between the little
   and ring fingers of your left hand. Take the left bundle in the left hand.
    /  | |||||||||||||||||||||||||||      /////////////////////
4. REMOVE GROUPS OF FOUR stalks from the bundle you hold, returning them to
   where they were taken, UNTIL FOUR OR FEWER remain. Place these between the
   ring and middle fingers of your left hand.
    /  | |||  //// //// //// //// ////    /////////////////////
5. Take the RIGHT HAND BUNDLE in your left hand, and repeat step 4, but placing
   the remainder between the middle and index fingers of the left hand.
    /  | ||| |  ////////////////////////  //// //// //// //// ////
6. Counting the stalks between the left hand fingers, SCORE '2' if there are
   NINE, '3' if there are FIVE (any other number indicates an error: repeat
   steps 2 to 6). Lay these stalks aside, and reassemble the two bundles.
    /  /////=3  ////////////////////////////////////////////
7. Repeat steps 2 to 6, but SCORE '2' if EIGHT stalks are held between your
   fingers, '3' if there are FOUR.
    /  /////=3 + ////////=2  ////////////////////////////////////
8. Repeat step 7, and TOTAL YOUR SCORE: this gives you your FIRST LINE, as per
   the table below.
    /  /////=3 + ////////=2 + ////=3  ////////////////////////////////
9. Reassemble the 49 stalks. Repeat steps 2 to 8 FIVE MORE TIMES, recording
   each new line above the last.

 Total Line  Meaning     Stalks(Probability/4)                  (Probability)

 6     - x - moving Yin  9(1)8(2)8(2)                           ( 4/64)
 7     ----- Yang        9(1)8(2)4(2)+9(1)4(2)8(2)+5(3)4(2)4(2) (20/64)
 8     -- -- Yin         9(1)4(2)4(2)+5(3)8(2)4(2)+5(3)4(2)8(2) (28/64)
 9     --o-- moving Yang 5(3)4(2)4(2)                           (12/64)

Note that the probabilities are different from the coin method. Also note that
the totals can be derived by summing the stalks between the left hand fingers
(25, 21, 17 or 13), subtracting this form 49, and dividing by 4. For example,
(49-17)/4 = 8.


--- HOW SIMULATE THE YARROW METHOD WITH FOUR COINS ----------------------------

Calculate the scores for each line as follows: toss TWO SILVER coins and TWO
COPPER coins together. If the BOTH SILVER coins are tails, score 2, otherwise
score 3. EACH COPPER coin scores 2 for a tail, 3 for a head. The resulting
total scores have the same probabilities as the yarrow method (see table
above). The silver coins correspond to the first division of the 49 stalks,
while the copper coins correspond to the subsequent divisions.

This method is mathematically equivalent only!